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Thinking about Guardianship as a single parent and I know I don't have have that type of money what would be the total . My second question is what does the process look like and mean I'm pretty sure you have to fill out paper work are there questions ask of you in court how does it all work.

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Hi Singlemom,

I see that you are in GA. I don't have any experience in this, but I wanted to get you an answer or at least a leaping point. Our forum is still small, but it keeps growing. Please invite some of your friends. I was able to find a law firm that might be able to answer some questions for you. Here is the link to their page.

I don't know anything about them, so do the research. 

I also found some info from The Georgia Council on Developmental Disabilities. I'm sure they can answer some questions.

Hope this helps and welcome to the forum.

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